Ways to Donate

There are many ways to donate to Sophie’s Mission. You can donate via a payment service such as PayPal or Give, you can mail a check,  and you can even schedule a    pick up of any pet-related items. But, did you know about the others way to donate to Sophie’s Mission by doing things that you would normally do anyway?  Sophie’s    Mission has partnered with a few different programs that will make a donation to us and all you have to do is, walk or shop!

Walk for a Dog App– A free app for both iPhone and Android phones. How it works: Download the app on your phone, set up an account, choose Sophie’s Mission as your designated shelter/charity in Massachusetts, and walk! If you are part of a walking group, feel free to share this with your friends. The more people that walk,  the more we earn.

AmazonSmile– Create a free AmazonSmile account, choose Sophie’s Mission, Inc as your charity of choice, and shop like you normally would.

1-800-PetMeds– Purchase your pet’s medicine through our special link, and they will donate to Sophie’s Mission.

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Thank You!

Meet Smitty.

Smitty's owner contacted us asking if we could help her with some food after she was hit with an unexpected financial hardship. When asked if she needed other items, she reluctantly said that she could use a new collar and a sweater for Smitty. Sophie's Mission provided Smitty with food, a collar, and a new sweater at zero cost to his owner. How are we able to do what we do? With donations from generous pet lovers like yourself.  Please consider making a donation to Sophie's Mission, so that we can continue to help struggling pet owners. Don't forget all donations are tax deductible.

Sophie's Mission doesn't just help pet owners in times of need. We will also provide items to food pantries, local animal rescues, and other organizations that also help pets in need. Sophie's Mission believes that if we all work together, we can make a huge difference in the lives of animals. Did you also know that we even have an outlet for expired pet food? Sophie's Mission has partnered with local wildlife rehabilitation organization, Adey Wildlife Rehabilitation, and they will take all of our expired pet food. Nothing goes to waste here!