It is getting colder here in New England and while your pets will be in a nice warm home, there are many that will be on the streets this winter. If you are anything like Chris you probably want to help them stay warm and dry, but you, unlike Chris, do not want to bring them into your home. We talked with our shelter friends and the #1 response was to make an outdoor shelter. Here is how to make one:

To make the shelter that is in the picture you will need an old styrofoam cooler with a lid, a plastic tote with a lid big enough to hold the cooler, straw, Duct Tape, and a utility knife.

Step 1. Cut a hole in the side of the cooler large enough for a cat to fit through.

Step 2. Place cooler inside the tote, on the outside of the plastic tote, find where the hole in the cooler lines up, mark the tote and cut. Please be careful when cutting, it is easy to slip with the knife and cut yourself.

Step 3. With the holes cut and the cooler inside the tote, put the straw inside the styrofoam cooler. Please do not use towels because they will hold the moisture and keep the animals cold and wet.

Step 4. Place lids on the cooler and tote and secure with the Duct Tape.

Step 5. Place the shelter on an elevated surface if possible and away from busy locations.

You can also create the shelter by using only the styrofoam cooler. Many times you can find the items needed to make the shelters for free on sites like Craigslist, Freecycle, and local Facebook groups.

Another type of shelter is made from old tires.

If you have a few old tires laying around, why not put them to use?

You will need a knife sharp enough to cut through the tires, some wood to cover the top tire and to place between the tires, and some straw.

When you are finished building the shelter, place in a safe, quiet place.


The homeless pets will be thankful for your help this winter.


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