Thanksgiving Tips for your Pets

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you have pets at home, you know that you will be getting the sad eyes all day. Before you give in to them, please read our list of foods that although taste scrumptious, are really bad for your pets. Please DO NOT give your pets any of the food on this list: Turkey Bones, Turkey Skin, & Turkey Drippings. Skin and drippings contain lots of fat which can cause pancreatitis, a painful condition in your pet. Cooked bones can splinter and can create a choking hazard or become lodged in the intestines. Stuffing. Stuffing typically contains onions, garlic, & other spices, that in large amounts can be toxic to your pet. Alcohol. I know that you don’t intentionally give your pets alcohol(at least I hope not), but please keep an eye on where you and your guests place their drinks. Keep them out of […]

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