Halloween is Coming!

Halloween is a holiday that kids and grown-ups alike enjoy. But for your pets, it could also mean a disaster waiting to happen. Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween.

1. Block them off in a room away from the front door, and play soothing music for them.

2. We can’t stress this enough, Do Not leave your pup outside! Your pup may be frightened from all the sounds and costumes, that they may try to run away or even bite out of fear.

3. Keep the candy bowl away from both your dogs and cats. Many of you know that chocolate is bad, but there are other ingredients in the candy that can cause anything from an upset stomach to death of your pet.

4. Say no to glow sticks. Although the liquid inside the stick is non-toxic, it will still cause stomach distress. You don’t want to be cleaning glow in the dark vomit or worse all night.

By following a few precautions, you and your pets can enjoy a fun Halloween.


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